Hayley Hardel picture
Hayley Hardel
Brooke Williams picture
Brooke Williams
Vice President
Alenia Whatley picture
Alenia Whatley
Marissa Lally picture
Marissa Lally
Kaitlyn Price picture
Kaitlyn Price
Member Educator
Alexandra Naron picture
Alexandra Naron
Personnel Chair
Lauren McHan picture
Lauren McHan
Recruitment Chair
Madison Brogan picture
Madison Brogan
Panhellenic Delegate
Isabel Frederick picture
Isabel Frederick
Director of Marketing
Hannah Ogle picture
Hannah Ogle
Director of Friendship/Social
Sarah Thompson picture
Sarah Thompson
Director of Friendship/Social
Cara Armstrong picture
Cara Armstrong
Director of Sisterhood
Jacquelyn Ancelet picture
Jacquelyn Ancelet
Director of Campus Activities
Madison Mascagni picture
Madison Mascagni
Director of Career Development
Madelyn Frederick picture
Madelyn Frederick
Alumnae Relations
Rose Majors picture
Rose Majors
Foundation Ambassador
Isabel Frederick picture
Isabel Frederick
Maria Zabaneh picture
Maria Zabaneh
Facility Manager
Brooke Williams picture
Brooke Williams
RIF Chair
Liz Lafitte picture
Liz Lafitte
Personnel Advisor
Taylor McDonald picture
Taylor McDonald
Scholarship Advisor
Lana Wray picture
Lana Wray
Recruitment Advisor
Julianne Smoak picture
Julianne Smoak
Marketing Advisor